Shale Analyzer

Shale Analyzer performs rapid and accurate Pyrolysis and TOC analysis on cuttings, cores and outcrops. Shale Analyzer is suited for use directly at the well-site as well as in the laboratory. Shale Analyzer is suited for evaluation of both conventional and unconventional petroleum resource. Identify unconventional hydrocarbon resources, such as shale oil, tight oil, low resistivity, by-passed, and conventional payzones. Determine classic geochemical parameters for source, maturity and kerogen type. Utilizing the software, results such as Oil Saturation, Hydrogen Index and Maturity can be obtained in near real-time to facilitate geosteering.  Shale Analyzer can handle up to 126 samples can be loaded for unattended operation. Analysis of one sample for pyrolysis (S1, S2, S3 and Tmax) takes only 20 minutes.  While Pyrolysis plus TOC determination takes 40 minutes.


18.75 inches (47.62 cm) width

19.75 inches (50.16 cm) depth

22.5 inches (57.15 cm) height


Gas requirements:

Helium (100 ml)

Hydrogen (40 ml)

Air (250 ml)


Power requirements:

120 VAC/10 Amps, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) included at no extra charge. 220 VAC available upon request.


Custom flight case available for safe transportation to wellsite.

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