Visual and In-situ HT/HP Analysis

That means researcher could view sample with microscope and making measurement with Raman or other instruments, like IR, when analyzing under high temperature and pressure. There are many apparatuses which could be used on these kinds of analysis.

HDAC stage: Hydrothermal Diamond Anvil Cell (HDAC) is a newly emerged high temperature and high-pressure experimental technology at the end of the 20th century. With HDAC experiments could be conducted at -180℃ to 1200℃ and up to 3GPa to 5GPa within hydrothermal system and the entire experiment process could be observed under microscope and made in-situ measurement with Laser Raman. The flowing picture 3 showing the typic HDAC VT stage.


HPOC: High Pressure Optic Cell is designed by Prof. I-Ming Zhou and is used on fluid inclusion study and nature reaction simulation study under HT/HP conditions. HPOC will also put on microscope with in-situ Raman and heat to 500C with CAP500 heating stage and pressure to 150MPa with hand or automatic pump.

HPOC system with Microscope and in-situ Raman